Active and energetic puppies often seem to be outright enthusiastic about destruction. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm may seem to include a propensity for self-destruction and dangerous behaviors. Puppies who are still learning about the world are wholly dependent on their owners’ care and supervision to keep them safe, and much of this dependence will continue for all of a dog’s life. If you have recently welcomed a new puppy into your family or you are planning to, here are some tips that can help keep them safe.

Train Leash Manners Early

Showing your dogs the ins and outs of how to walk on a leash with you can help them steer clear of danger while you are out on walks together. If you have a large breed, developing leash manners while your puppy is still small will prove to be an advantage when he or she grows to be big.

Install Fencing

A fence is the best way to keep your furry charge safe when a trip outside is on your own property. Fences are safer and more secure than fastening a lead because it protects your puppy from dogs and other animals that could come onto your property, and it prevents entanglements and snares. If you need a fencing contractor Lake County IL, find a company with experience serving local customers.

Make Sure Your Puppy Has Adequate ID

If your puppy gets separated from you, having the right ID may be his or her only way home. Get your puppy microchipped as soon as your veterinarian recommends it. Put an ID tag on your puppy’s collar with your contact information.

Ultimately, caring for a puppy requires a lot of attention, patience, and love. Help your puppy get a great start in life by making his or her health and safety a top priority.